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Back for part 2, Mike Koenigs, multi-million dollar internet marketer, dives into how to connect with your audience.


Audience connection, and as Mike puts it, “empathy” is the key to serving your ideal audience at the highest level.  When you truly know and understand your ideal customer you are in the perfect position to give them exactly what they want and need.


Mike breaks down is 10 by 10 by 4 model for how he takes other marketers through this process to help them discover how to connect with and serve their audience purposefully.


From there he opens up on how to take the questions and discoveries you make in the 10 X 10 X 4 model and turn that into content for a podcast, blog posts, YouTube videos, or even a book!  In MINUTES you’ve planned out a content strategy for an entire show or book!  


Next Mike walks us through how simple it is to become an Amazon bestseller and how he’s done it several times over with books that not only provide great value, but are actually easy to write (using his method) and that produce additional revenue (outside of book sales) through calls to action in each chapter.


He even tells us how a 9 year old girl published 4 books 3 months using his method and how he wrote a book by dictating it to a recorder while laying on his side in the fetal position battling the worst stint of stage 3 cancer.  


If a 9 year old girl can write 4 books in 3 months, and Mike can get a book written under those circumstances, there’s really no excuse to keep the book that’s been hiding inside you there any longer.


Nick even accepts the challenge to get the book he wants to write out in the next 30 days!


If you’re not ready to take massive action after watching this 2 episodes and hearing all of Mike’s ideas, then you might want to check your pulse to see if you’re still alive!


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