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Eric C. posed the question, “Nick, I heard about your telesummit strategy on a previous call. What was that about?” 


Great question!


This is the strategy Nick used to go from $50,000 in debt to earning over 6-figures per year.


First off, what is a telesummit?  A telesummit is simply a series of virtual conference calls, Google Hangouts, webinars, or whatever other technology you want to use all organized around one central topic, such as Facebook marketing.


Step 1 is to look at your topic or industry and figure out who the leaders are and to secure an “anchor” speaker as your main speaker.  Approach it from the standpoint of “What’s in it for them?”.


From there, create a list of 25-30 additional speakers you would like to secure (you only need about 15, but not all are going to say “yes”).


Again, be thinking, what’s in it for them.  Even if you have not yet established a reputation as an expert in your industry, that is what your anchor client will provide.  Your other speakers will want to be on the same virtual “stage” as that person.


Another important piece is your branding.  In order for your speakers to want to be a part of it, and people to want to opt in to consume it, it needs to look pro.  Pro doesn’t have to mean expensive.  It just needs to look high-quality.


The ultimate goal of the strategy is to build your email list. You can do so by incentivizing your other speakers to send out mailings to their list to generate opt-ins for your summit.


Done right, this strategy can literally transform your business from zero sales and no email list, to a 5,000+ person email list in the next 60-90 days (and bring in up to 6-figures of revenue, if you monetize it correctly)!


Now, get started and make that call to your potential anchor speakers!


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