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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 222 of Life on Fire. Today we have one of our very own Life on Fire clients who is now a coach with us, Jenn Beninger.

Jenn is here because she has an amazing story of going from in debt, overweight (her words!) and living in doubt, not enjoying her work, and dealing with uncertainty and turmoil. She was not living a Life on Fire! But all of that changed because of an event she attended and her willingness to be coached.

On episode 222 of Life on Fire you’ll see and hear from a brand new Jenn: she rocks the stage, looks amazing and has an inspiring journey to share. To boot, she’s going to tell you how and why you want to market yourself on YouTube. Check it out!

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What are the top two search engines in the world? (12:00)
  • What are the three main limiting beliefs people have about video? (14:00)
  • Will YouTube actually pay you for your videos? (15:15)
  • Why everything should have a call to action. (26:50)
  • The maximum length your YouTube videos should be. (30:30)
  • And so much more!

More About This Show

Jenn Beninger has been an entrepreneur for 20 years, she knows what it’s like to go through the ups and the downs. When we met, she was experiencing a pretty big down. She had put everything into a business partnership and had built a big social media marketing business - only to see it crash and burn.

After five months of feeling depressed, her husband suggested she get a job. She said she was going to an event; she knew being around likeminded people would get her mojo going again.

She and I met in the hallway at the event, after I had spoken on stage. I gave her a ticket to an upcoming Life on Fire event in June of 2015. She had plenty of reasons why she couldn’t be there but when I asked her why I’d never heard of her, that question silenced her objections and showed her she needed to be there.

Attending that event helped Jenn start on a new path, and today she is an expert at YouTube marketing. On this episode, she explains the limiting beliefs people have around doing video and the keys to creating and growing your business with a successful YouTube channel.

Before you can begin to do the legwork on your YouTube channel, Jenn walks you through a quick mental exercise to show you what’s possible. After you hear that, Jenn gives you a step by step process to figuring out what videos to create and how to create them.

The first step when you don't know how or what to create with your videos is to do keyword research, then you’ll need to create 3 types of videos and you’ll need specific tools to do so.

In terms of keyword research, this is where you will spend the most amount of time, this is the heavy lifting piece. If you make videos that Google and YouTube want you to make then they will rank you. Your content can be your own, but it's how you title them and how you describe them and the keywords you use in the description of the video that will help you get ranked. The content is still yours: it’s still your passion, your view and your approach.

To properly do your keyword research you go through three tiers: go to Google Adwords. Type in what you think people are asking about, then look at how many searches it gets and the competition for that keyword or keyword phrase. You want low competition, with a good amount of searches.

Next you want to go to YouTube and type in the same phrase: this will show you what else pops up in YouTube. Whatever pops up are your ideas for your next five videos!

Finally you need to see how many people are watching videos on your chosen topic/keyword. If there aren't many views you don't want to make a video about that phrase, or you should find a way to title it something else that is more popular.

Repeat this process for about 20 topics so you have a variety of things to choose from when creating your videos, and so you can also produce videos in bulk.

Also on this show, Jenn explains the three types of videos you want to have and the equipment you’ll need. This is a must-listen show whether you have a YouTube channel or not! You’ll hear how simple it is to get started, and why having well-done videos helped one of Jenn’s clients land a $97,000 contract!

It’s all here on episode 222 of Life on Fire. Be sure to watch it, and let us know what you think in the comments. Thank you for being here and for watching the Life on Fire content, I’m so grateful for you!


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