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Highly sought after branding expert, and CEO of Branding for the People, Re Perez (who branded Life on Fire) is here to give us his 5-phase branding process he uses to help everyone from Life on Fire size businesses to global brands.


One of the most misunderstood concepts of marketing and business is “what is a brand”?  Many confuse a logo, a slogan, or perhaps a color palate with a brand.  Those are all brand elements, but those items alone are not a “brand”.


A brand is perception that’s created in the minds of your audience.


And, in Re’s experience, having a well-defined, cohesive brand allows you to make money, charge more for your services (or finally charge what you should be if you’re under charging), increases conversions, helps you, as the business owner, make decisions, and position yourself as a leader in your market.


Phase One:  Discovery.  Defining the business’s “Who?”, “What?” and “Why?” and what’s important to you.


Phase Two:  Strategy.  Phase two is all about defining the layers of your brand.  What are your value propositions?  What is your brand “personality”?  What are the benefits you provide?


Phase Three:  Creation.  Broken into 5 parts.  1. Your digital strategy.  2. Your verbal strategy (the language and words you’re going to use).  3.  Your visual strategy.  4. Sales and marketing.  5. What’s the “experience” you take people through?


Phase Four: Amplify.  Determine what’s working and do more of it.  


Phase Five:  Management.  Continually reviewing all elements of your company to determine if they are still in sync with your brand, as well as reviewing your brand as a whole to determine if it still represents your values and it’s still the direction you want the company to go.


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