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Today’s Hump Day Q&A question is, “Nick, how the heck do you have time to make all these videos, to run the business, and still have time to go out and live a life on fire.”


It’s ALL about delegating and outsourcing.


It’s been said that internet marketing (and nearly any business) is a “team sport”.


That doesn’t mean you have to start hiring employees if you can’t afford them yet, but you can start delegating for as little of 5 hours a week.


How much more fun could you have with an extra hour a day?


Start small.  Start around your house.  How nice would it be if cleaning and laundry didn’t slow you down any more?


From there, evaluate your business and make a list of two things:


1.  What don’t you like to do in your business?


2.  What are you not great at doing in your business (that someone else could do better)?


Your call to action for this episode is to create that list, and find someone who can start to take over those tasks.  Again, it could be as little as 5 hours a week, which could cost you as little is $35 per week.


Start freeing up your time and living the Life on Fire you’ve always desired!


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