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Inspirational entrepreneur, Lewis Howes, welcomes us into his West Hollywood crib for this 1-on-1 episode of Life on Fire TV with host, Nick Unsworth!


Tour Lewis’s high-rise pad and see how he leverages having an assistant to help run his business, prepare his meals, and even decorate his living space, allowing him to be freed up from all of those tasks to focus on more important areas of his life and business.


From there, Nick and Lewis sit down to talk details.


One of the key things Lewis immediately referenced is seeking out and having mentors. Mentors allow you to short-cut your progress in many instances because you can learn from their experience.


An important piece of leveraging a mentor is making sure your actions are aligned with your purpose.  However, not all entrepreneurs have truly discovered what their purpose is.   


Lewis has an excellent activity he goes through to help discover your purpose, which is to walk through and describe your “perfect day”.


Another big takeaway on the marketing piece was acknowledging that all top professionals perform at a higher level and get better results when working with a coach.


Next, without hesitation, Lewis’s suggestion for where to focus your time and money in your business is your branding and your list.  


How your brand yourself (and how you stand out from others in your niche) greatly determines how successful you become in that niche.


Lewis touches on how high-quality branding can open many doors for you, such as lending credibility when looking to land guest blog post opportunities.


One of the huge, overriding themes to Lewis’s success (which sounds obvious, but somehow escapes many entrepreneurs) is you have to be in it for the “long haul”.  You have to make your decisions based on what’s best for the long-term health of your business.


Lewis, you inspire us, Sir!


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