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Today’s Hump Day Q&A question is, “What is your product launch training all about?”


It doesn’t matter if you are “launching” (think “getting ready to sell”) and information product, a training program, a physical product, or even something like a book or a new song, you still need a launch plan!


Our clients have requested that we teach a training specifically on how to create, package, promote, and profit from selling a product, which is exactly what the upcoming Product Launch on Fire training is all about.


Over the course of 20 days, through a series of 8 live group coaching sessions, we’re going to take you all the way through that process, A to Z.  We call it, The 20 Day Challenge.


The first step is getting really clear on what your passion and purpose is in order to help you come up with your product idea if you don’t already have one.


From there, we want to go out into the marketplace and validate that there is, indeed, a market (buyers) for your product idea before you spend the time to create it.


Next is your marketing plan.  You’ll put together your plan for exactly how you’re going get your product in front of potential buyers and how you’re going to convert those buyers into sales.


Then you’ll see how to address the technical aspects of delivering a product.


You’ll receive email script, video script, and sales page examples so that you can see the psychology of how your marketing should fit together to provide the highest percentage of conversions (sales) as possible.


You’re going to receive an entire written blueprint on how to do a product launch.  We paid $100,000 for the blueprint that we’re going to give you at no additional cost.


Lastly, you’re also going to receive one free month of our Firestarter coaching program, which includes 4 additional group coaching calls and 2 one-on-one coaching calls.


We are only taking 40 people in the program.  Of which, approximately 25 spots are already taken at the time this was published.


To claim one of the remaining spots, simply go to!


We can’t wait to work with you and help you launch YOUR product!!



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