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Singer, songwriter, and recording artist LaKeisha Michelle talks how she went from a career she wasn’t passionate about to truly living a life on fire.


Stuck in a job she didn’t like, in a city she didn’t want to be in, her journey to make that change and start living the life she wanted was inspired by meeting Nick and discovering the brand and mindset of Life on Fire.


From there she sat down and immediately wrote and recorded her single, “Life on Fire”.


And, over the coming months she gained opportunities to perform on stage, leave her job, and even move to L.A. to pursue her career.


It was a risk.  It took a lot of guts.


But, she did it.


Life often rewards us for following our heart and taking calculated risks.  


LaKeisha, we are honored and inspired by your story and by the fact that you wrote the Life on Fire song!


Okay, now it’s your turn!


Follow the exercise in this episode, discover where your passions and skills align, and take the first step toward YOUR life on fire.


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