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One of the most common questions we’ve been asked since starting Life on Fire TV is, “How do you create your shows?”.  So, we decided to bring our cameraman, Eric Casas, who is also our editor, in front of the camera this time to tell you!


Before you ever hit record, you need to plan out your strategy.  Your strategy includes not only what you’re going to talk about, but also where your content is going to be seen, how you may be able to repurpose it, if and when you will monetize it, and so on.


For us, monetizing our show from the start was not important.  Our highest priority was to build a large and loyal following by producing great content on a high-quality show.


(He’s a hint…  When it comes to podcasting, video podcasting is WIDE open.  There is almost no competition.)


Next, there are two things you absolutely cannot sacrifice.  Lack of consistency and poor quality are the top two reasons people stop watching or listening to podcasts.  If your show has 3 episodes per week, then you absolutely must deliver 3 episodes, every single week.  


And, when it comes to quality, not only is the quality and value of your content important, but you must have clear, radio-quality sound, and crisp, clear video.


Okay!  So, for gear, you can get started with something as simple as a Logitech C930 USB camera (don’t use your laptop camera, the quality won’t be good enough) and a Yeti USB mic.  Both combined will run you under $200.


When it comes to your background, avoid anything too busy looking, like wallpaper.


A small tip when determining your camera angle, angle it so that you’re slightly looking up, or straight.  You don’t ever want to be looking down on people.


For lighting, check eBay for two, 50-watt LED panels. However, 3-point lighting is ideal.


Once you’ve got your gear dialed in, the best tip for having great content is to not overthink it and not over analyze it.  The more natural you feel the more natural you’ll appear and the more likable and genuine you will be.


Don’t forget to have fun with your show!  While you want to be informative and provide great value, there is still an entertainment factor required to keep people’s attention.


For more notes on gear, check out the show notes for this episode at!


Now, get out there and start recording!


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