Life on Fire TV (Audio) – Online Business Coaching With Nick Unsworth

Facebook marketing continues to be the #1 way to get new clients, build a following, and build your authority in your niche, fast.  In this live footage from Maria Andros’s recent event, “Momentum”, we share how to do just that!


One of the biggest assets an online business can have is it’s email list.  But, how do you build a list?  


Facebook advertising is a fantastic way to rapidly build a list.  It it not uncommon to add 5,000 or more qualified subscribers to a list in less than a week using Facebook marketing.


Follow this 10-step process to not only build your list, market your products and services, monetize your marketing campaign, and create the opportunity for additional sales in the future!


Step 0 - Survey your list and the people you’re targeting with your ads to find out what they want in advance so you can give it to them!


Step 1 - Set up your Facebook business page and invite friends!


Step 2 - Identify and target who your ideal customers are.


Step 3 - Create a clear and concise brand that conveys who you are, who you help, and how you help them.


Step 4 - Follow the 90/10 rule, which simply means, you have to give before you can ask.


Step 5 - Position yourself to create “earned media” (a.k.a., “word of mouth” marketing).


Step 6 - Create your Facebook marketing funnel elements, which include your “lead magnet” (an item of value you are giving away for free, such as a free webinar, ebook, piece of software, etc.).


Step 7 - Test your lead magnet elements, including the offer itself, headline, image, and ad copy.


Step 8 - Optimize your ads for the highest conversions possible!


Step 9 - Rapidly build your “likes” with a “Click “LIKE” if you love” campaign!


Step 10 - Implement a private Facebook group for follow-up, connection, and community building!


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