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We get asked all the time, how are you able to travel and take vacations and still have time to do two video podcast shows and run an entire business?


In today’s “Hump Day Q&A” we answer that question!


Take a moment and think back to your last vacation…


Chances are you had to get a bunch of stuff done and tie up a ton of loose ends before you left.


But, you got it done, right?  You went on your vacation and your business didn’t implode while you were gone.


How is it that it never seems like we have enough time to get everything we need to done, yet right before vacation, we somehow find a way to do it?


It’s because we are hyper focused, we have a hard deadline, and we become super efficient.


One major source of efficiency we are sometimes forced (in a good way) to tap into is delegation.


We often assume that it would take longer to teach someone else how to do a task than it would to just do it ourselves.  Or, we assume that nobody else can do the task as well as we can.


Both of these thought processes are not only incredibly limiting, they are often wrong.


Nearly any task in a business can be delegated, if you find the right person to delegate to.  


Owners of billion dollar companies that were started by one person running it as CEO often end up relinquishing that role as CEO because they find someone else who can do it better.


If delegation can successfully occur at the billion-dollar-company level, it can successfully happen for you too!


So, here’s your action step:


Plan your next vacation!


You don’t even have to go anywhere.  But, plan to take time and unplug from your business and your normal daily routine so you can live your life on fire!


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