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We can almost all agree that marketing online is getting harder and harder, more and more expensive.  However, here to show you a new way to market using Facebook is Facebook Marketing Expert, Brian Moran!


Brian has an interesting concept.


He measures his revenue per Facebook fan (or “Like” as they are now called inside Facebook).


Very few if any business look that their Facebook fan page this way.


Brian’s results are staggering though.  We he first started out years ago, he went from struggling to get anything to work online, to finally breaking through and creating his first niche fan page that hit $10,000 fans.


At the time, he was generating pretty respectable revenue of over $3 for each fan he had through his marketing efforts.  So, for each new fan he added, he knew exactly what they were worth - on average.


Fast forward to today.


Brian has perfected his system to the point that he’s now able to generate over $15 per Facebook fan.


We hope you enjoy hearing about Brian’s journey, as well as his strategy of how he’s build multiple successful online businesses using Facebook marketing!


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