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One of the most common questions asked up to this point in this fantastic 4-part video series is, “This Facebook marketing funnel process is AMAZING, how do I drive traffic to it?”


Brian dives in and covers one tiny tip he uses called a “boosted post”.  


Boosted posts are not a new or innovative strategy.  However, it’s how he places the link in the post that drives the post to be see by 5 times as many people.


The trick is to put the link in the comments and not in the actual post itself!




From there, Brian addresses another common question, which is, “I’ve been using Facebook for a long time and never really made any money with it.”


This often comes down to 2 core problems:


1.  You may be using amateur marketing tactics taught by others that simply don’t work.


SOLUTION:  Stop using those tactics.


2.  Your funnel, copy, or offer may be “broken”.


SOLUTION:  Rather than slowly working through the kinks and trying to figure out how to optimize your process, simply follow Brian’s proven 7-step formula.


For more details, and to grab the PDF Brian where Brian lays out his 7-step process, head over to!  


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