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In the 4th and final video in this 4-part training series Brian Moran takes us inside his Facebook marketing solution that he calls, “The Fan Page Funnel” system!


This system is designed to do 5 things:


#1 - Get you massive amounts of traffic


#2 - Deliver thousands of raving fans who get behind you


#3 - Help you build a huge email list from scratch


#4 - Bring you paying customers day after day


#5 - Let you build a business that you love, without spending hours at your computer and without any affiliates, a huge advertising budget, or an existing list


To learn and implement this funnel, Brian is offering a 6-week training course to a limited number of people that includes:


Week 1:  Learn How to Get 10,000 Leads in 30 days


Week 2:  Getting Your List to Love You (and want to BUY from you!)


Week 3:  Generating Massive Sales


Week 4:  Tripling Your Profits


Week 5:  The Quick Tech Shortcut


Week 6:  Getting 10,000+ Visitors Per Day


And, MANY more bonuses, including…


A $250 Best Buy Gift Card and our $1,000 Facebook Advertising A to Z course!




You follow these 3 simple steps:


1.  Clear your cookies in your browser.  (If you aren’t sure how to clear your cookies just Google how to clear cookies in whatever browser you’re using.)


2.  Go to and sign up for Brian’s course.


3.  Forward a copy of the email receipt you receive from Brian to!


Doors open Tuesday, July 15th!


It’s that simple!


You’re just a few clicks away from a $250 Best Buy gift card, some other amazing bonuses, and the game-changing Facebook Fan Page Funnel course!


Just follow the 3 steps above to sign up right away!


Thank you for subscribing to our podcast in iTunes!  You ROCK!

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