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Today we are joined by to of our top-level Elite coaching clients, Mark Costes and Andy Zitzmann, to share their quick stories of achieving substantial financial success and finding out that wasn’t the key to their happiness.


We often assume that if we could just make more money, that would solve all of our problems, right?


The problem with that is, certain paths that lead to making more money don’t also lead to true fulfillment and happiness.


Both Mark and Andy found themselves at this point in life.  They were making the most money they had ever made, and they were completely miserable because they were having to give up balance in their lives and do work that wasn’t enjoyable to them in the process.


Essentially, they weren’t living their Life on Fire.


Luckily, they both realized they are fully in control of their lives, their destinies, and they made the conscious choices to change their lives and their business structures to allow them to find balance, become passionate about their work again, and ultimately be happier and more successful than they had ever been.


So, if you’re not living your life on fire, what do you need to change to start moving in that direction and when are you committed to starting that change?


Why not today?


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