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Our natural reaction as humans is typically to avoid fear to move away from it.  Host of the daily Gametime Podcast, Andy Zitzmann, offers a more empowering perspective he calls “friending your fear”.


You may have heard the word fear broken down into the four letter phrase, “False Evidence Appearing Real”.


Well, Andy has a better acronym:  “Face, Embrace, Act, Repeat”


Andy’s philosophy is that the emotional response triggered by fear, in the moment, for you, is real.  So, rather than treating it as though it’s not real, he encourages you to embrace it and move towards it (without putting yourself in physical danger, of course).


The first step in the process is to recognize when fear of something is holding you back.  That might be fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of the unknown, fear of change.


When you catch yourself reacting to fear, you create an opportunity to decide how you want to proceed from there.


We often embrace our fears.  But, we embrace them negatively.


Through Andy’s method, instead of thinking about all the negative possibilities and things that could go wrong, we spend a few minutes thinking about all of the things that could go right and the positive outcomes.


And, once you face your fear, and embrace your fear, the next step is to act, and then repeat.


Are fears are not likely to go away completely.  But, we can certainly diminish them by building our confidence.


Great stuff, Andy!


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