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Live with us today is Instagram expert, Sue Zimmerman, to give us her tips on how to use Instagram for business!


Using Instagram for business can be a fantastic strategy, if you follow Sue’s proven method!


So, why Instagram?


For Sue, when she implemented in her brick and mortar business, she saw a 40% increase in sales!  


Instagram is one of the newest, hottest social media platforms, and it is still in it’s growth stage (which is where some of the best opportunities lie).


If you’re new to Instagram, here are three great tips from Sue on how to market on instagram:


1.  Make sure you build out a full and relevant bio, including your keywords that relate to your business.


2.  Make sure you have a great hashtag strategy.  You can use up to 30 hashtags (not to say that you need that many).  And, when doing so, it’s important that you use them in the secondary comments, not the initial comments.


3.  Have a photo posting strategy.  For example, when we recorded this episode with Sue, she wanted to take a screenshot of her and a screenshot of me so that she could combine them into one photo and share that on Instagram.  


Great tips, Sue!


Get your instagram marketing strategy started today!


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