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If you’re looking to grow a brand or business, build a community, or start a movement, one idea that can help you do all of that much faster is to start a podcast!  Here are some great tips on getting started!


Once you determine the topic or theme for your show, you want to determine your format.  


Are you going to do video and audio, or audio only?  For us, we chose to do both audio and video because there is so little competition on the video side.


Next, you want to determine your consistency, or the number of episodes you’re going to have per week.  


We recommend at least 1 episode per week.  Anything less than that and it starts to become easy for people to forget about your show.


We decided to go with 3 episodes per week.  It is incredibly crucial that you pick a number you can stick to and that you never, ever miss an episode.  Your audience will quickly leave you if your episode timing is inconsistent.


When you first launch your show you want to release 5 episodes all at the same time, regardless of how many episodes you’re going to publish per week.  


The reason for this is that when someone subscribes to your show, iTunes will automatically download the 5 most recent episodes.  So, rather than getting “credit” for 1 download when you get a new subscriber, you get credit for 5 downloads!


Your number of downloads, subscribers, ratings, and reviews heavily impact your show’s rank on iTunes charts.


When we started our podcast, we then released an additional episode every day for 5 more days to encourage more people to listen and watch.  


Then, for the next 90 days, it is all about giving.  Giving your best content, your best interviews, without worrying about getting sponsorship or trying to monetize your show.  


Just give.


Once you have an established show, especially if you interview others, you will naturally start to get asked to be a guest on other podcasts.  (And, if that’s not happening, you can simply reach out to those shows and ask to be a guest on their show.)


That can be a huge leverage point to get additional exposure and expand your own audience!


Keep in mind, you don’t have to be perfect.  You don’t have to have everything perfect in order to get started.  You will learn and improve so much more by just doing it and jumping in than you will by trying to figure it all out in advance before you begin.


So, take the first step, whether that’s naming your show, buying a mic, getting your logo designed, just take that first step today!


Fired up about podcasting?!!  If so, please write us a review in iTunes telling us what you love about Life on Fire TV and leave us a 5-star rating.


Thank you for subscribing to our podcast in iTunes!  You ROCK!

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