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I just recently stepped up and joined Joe Polish’s Genius Network to the tune of $25,000.  This episode is all about why.  Here are five reasons!


#5.  Thinking Bigger - When you surround yourself with people who think big and act big, you almost can’t help but start thinking bigger yourself.  


In a 5-minute phone conversation I got one idea that completely changed the course of our fundraising process for Pencils of Promise and opened the door to raising a LOT more money!


#4.  Joe’s One-Liners! The guy is seriously hilarious, and there’s absolutely no reason why high-end mastermind groups and networking events can’t be a ton of fun!


#3.  For Friendships That Will Last Forever - Us entrepreneurs, we’re a different breed.  And, when you spend time around other great entrepreneurs, great bonds often naturally form.


#2.  It’s About Connections That Make You Real Money - We’re talking some of the top entrepreneurs in the world, all in a room together.  THAT is where you want to be.


#1.  You don’t have to pay for dinner!  Well, at least I didn’t!


Seriously though, on many levels, business is all about relationships.  And, by joining Joe Polish’s Genius Network nearly any high-level entrepreneur in the world becomes accessible to you.


How fast could your business grow if you had access to almost anyone?


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