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What is “earned media”?  Put simply, earned media is word of mouth marketing.


And, if done right, it can be one of the fastest, easiest ways to grow your business.


As humans, we still trust the feedback and recommendations from people we know more than any other source of media.


So, why not leverage earned media in your business?


When a business gets a 5-start review on, say, Yelp, for example, that’s great!


But, the problem is, the only people who see that review are people actually on Yelp.


What can make that Yelp review substantially more powerful is if you have that person share their review out to other people they know through Facebook, Twitter, etc..


Think about your business.  


Is there a point at which your clients are most excited or a “peak” state?  Perhaps you sell cars for a living.  Right when that person gets the keys and they are ready to drive off, they are at a peak state.


That is the best point at which to earn word of mouth media.


For example, you could take a picture of them with their new car, post it to Facebook and write how nice it was to work with that person, provide your contact information if they ever need anything, and tag them.


That is a perfect way to not only reinforce their happiness with their purchase, but you also have the ability for your name to be shared to others they know.


Test this idea for the next 30 days in your business and let us know what your results are!


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