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The art of storytelling has been admired for hundreds of years.  And, never has it been more valuable than in our current society, specially for business.


Storytelling in the context of business can help you create a greater connection with your audience, it can allow your audience to relate to your story and possibly even see themselves in it at times, and when you do things like share your vulnerabilities it gives people a higher level of trust.


Ultimately, it helps “humanize” the sales process.


We are so inundated with marketing messages these days,that a genuine, sincere story often stands out among “feature and benefit” sales copy.


So what types of stories are best?


One of the oldest and most impactful stories, which you’ve seen used in movies thousands of times is the “hero’s journey”.


Think back in your life to a time you had to overcome a challenge, and you rose to the occasion, push through, and you won.  You probably have dozens of instances like that if you were to stop and think about it.


Each of those individual stories is a separate “journey” you could tap into for a story when appropriate.


Chances are, you have something compelling, something that other people can relate to and be inspired by.


As you watch this episode, your challenge is to frame out your story and put the pieces together of what you’ve actually gone through that can help others.


Your story could help hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions…


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