Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing

Analysis paralysis? A fear of failure? Too many other responsibilities? Procrastination? The idea that you’re not good enough?

What’s holding you back from FINALLY making the decision to live the life of your dreams? What if you could overcome these limiting belief systems, otherwise known as BS, and take action on your goals? What if you could totally crush it in 2018?

Rod Khlief is an authority in real estate, business and peak performance. He has personally owned and managed 2,000-plus apartments and homes, building more than 22 businesses in his 40-year career. But it wasn’t until he lost his shirt in the recession that Rod learned how to build a successful life that had richness and meaning—with a focus beyond himself. Now he combines his passion for real estate investing with his understanding of ‘the psychology of success’ to serve as one of the country’s top real estate investment and high-performance life coaches.

Today Rod shares how he came back from the experience of losing $50M and why he is a better person for it. He walks us through his goal-setting methodology, explaining how to develop a WHY for each objective and the value of finding images associated with each of your goals. Listen in for Rod’s insight around truly deciding, overcoming fears and discouragement, and taking action on your goals. Learn how to leverage the Dickens process to change your mindset and the value in realizing it’s not all about you.

Key Takeaways

 [1:31] Rod’s $50M seminar

  • Owned 800 C- single-family houses in Florida
  • High taxes, insurance minimized cashflow
  • Ugly, painful setback during recession

[5:05] What Rod learned from the experience

  • Giving to others provides richness, meaning
  • Success without meaning beyond self is empty

[9:17] Rod’s methodology around goal-setting

  • Write down everything you could possibly want in life
  • Material things
  • Skills to learn
  • Who you want to help
  • Put a number next to each item (how long to achieve)
  • Pick a #1 goal and your top three one-year goals
  • Write a WHY paragraph for each goal, include PAIN if not achieved
  • Find images associated with each goal to view daily

 [16:33] Rod’s insight around taking action on your goals

  • Identify your WHY and associated PAIN
  • Magnificent life on other side of comfort
  • Confidence comes from competence
  • Fear diminishes with action

[20:22] The value in truly deciding to change your life

  • Mindset is 80% of formula for success
  • Decision is critical
  • Tony Robbins’ Dickens process
  • Explore damage limiting belief caused
  • Stack 10X pain on top

[25:48] How to overcome discouragement (i.e.: lack of progress, losing a deal)

  • Get clear on what you want, why you want it
  • Revisit goals daily

[27:23] Rod’s advice around overcoming fears

  • Look at fear rationally, no basis in fact
  • Identify limiting belief, develop alternative
  • Eliminate self-imposed limitations

[32:30] The value of experiencing what you want

  • Harder to give up once you’ve had tactile experience

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Tony Robbins: The Dickens Process

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