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What’s the #1 mistake syndicators make in building an online platform? Many put the cart before the horse and promote their business BEFORE the site is ready. They don’t provide a compelling reason to GO to their platform, and they have no way of capturing a visitor’s information once they get there. So, what can you do to score a lead’s email address and grow a substantial list of potential investors?

Monick Halm is the creator of Real Estate Investor Goddesses, a platform designed to help 1M women achieve financial freedom through real estate investing. To date, she has built an audience of more than 10K potential multifamily investors! Monique has 14 years of experience as an investor, syndicator and developer, building wealth through apartment buildings, mobile home parks, vacation rentals and ground-up development. Together with her husband and community of investors, she owns 1,300-plus units across 5 states.

On this episode of the podcast, Monick joins me to explain what keeps women on the sidelines of multifamily investing and how she is getting more women involved through Real Estate Investor Goddesses. She shares her process for raising money for a deal through the platform, discussing why it’s crucial to capture each visitor’s email address and what she does to drive traffic to the site. Listen in for Monick’s insight on getting educated on multifamily during this unique moment in time and learn what she did to build a list of 10K in a very short period!

Key Takeaways

Monick’s background in the multifamily space

  • Started syndicating in 2016 (focus on multifamily)
  • Mission to help women achieve financial freedom

What keeps women from getting involved in real estate

  • Don’t even know it’s a possibility
  • Don’t know what steps to take
  • Afraid to get cheated, lose money

How to get more women involved in real estate investing

  • Provide education to collapse timelines
  • See people who look like them in success stories
  • Overcome limiting beliefs of what wealth means

What inspired Monick to build the REI Goddesses platform

  • Got idea at Real Estate Guys event
  • Already coaching women around money
  • Mission + name came as divine download

Who Monick attracts through her platform

  • Passive investors + aspiring syndicators
  • Majority are busy professional women

The process of raising money for deals with a platform

  • Promote on podcasts, Facebook ads
  • Provide value to list (e.g.: emails, webinars, etc.)
  • Share heart to help and serve

How Monick went about building REI Goddesses

  • Start with Facebook group, added podcast and book
  • Facebook ads to build list (500 to 10K in single year)

Why it’s crucial to capture a site visitor’s email address

  • Valuable connection you control
  • Provide freebie (i.e.: Real Estate Success Blueprint)

How Monick justifies a significant investment in paid traffic

  • Spends $3K to $5K per month for Facebook ads
  • Single program sale covers cost of acquisition
  • Build relationships for life, not just one transaction

Monick’s approach to marketing her platform

  • Choose one or two paths to start
  • Hire experts (more than pay for selves)

Monick’s advice on navigating the Coronavirus crisis

  • Get educated now to spot opportunities later
  • Take advantage when others running scared

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