Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing

When your WHY is big enough, you find a way. It doesn’t matter that you’re brand new to real estate investing. It doesn’t matter that you don’t have a college degree. And it doesn’t matter that you don’t have any money.

Sadhana Sabharwal is the real estate investor and coach behind Single Mom Millionaire and The No Money Down Academy training course. Sadhana was a recently-divorced, single mother of three boys when she got into real estate, and in four years, she built a portfolio of 46 doors. Sadhana’s focus is on buying, renovating and holding properties for positive cashflow, and she specializes in creative financing strategies that leverage other people’s money to buy real estate.

On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, Sadhana joins cohost Garrett Lynch and me to explain how a painful divorce inspired her real estate investing journey. She shares her approach to creative financing, describing how she funds deals with seller financing and why networking was so valuable in helping her learn the business. Listen in for insight on finding your WHY and learn how Sadhana’s positive mindset influences her success!

Key Takeaways

How Sadhana’s real estate investing journey began

  • Husband left her for another woman
  • Needed way to support three boys

How Sadhana got interested in real estate investing

  • Work as law clerk, introduced to investor
  • Invited to join small real estate club

How Sadhana funded her first deals with no money

  • Open line of credit against house
  • Home Depot card for renovations

Sadhana’s initial plan for real estate investing

  • Find ways to buy without using own money
  • Renovate, refinance and repeat process

How Sadhana overcame being female and a minority

  • Joint venture with experienced investor
  • Build trust with consistent networking

Sadhana’s advice on getting started with real estate

  • Make use of free resources (Google, YouTube)
  • Invest in real estate investing courses
  • Ask questions at networking events

Sadhana’s favorite creative financing techniques

  • BRRRR strategy
  • Seller financing

How Sadhana got over the fear of asking for help

  • Remember your WHY
  • No choice but to figure it out

What needs to happen to have more women investors

  • Give themselves more credit
  • Role models and strong WHY

The top lessons Sadhana learned from her divorce

  • Don’t make your life miserable making his hell
  • Being happy and grateful is your choice

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