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So, you want to be a multifamily investor, but… You’ve never done a deal before. You don’t feel comfortable approaching potential partners. The pandemic has shut down all of the usual networking events. And you live six time zones ahead of the market where you’d like to invest.

But what if all of these challenges are really just opportunities to grow?

Suzy Sevier and Michael Barnhart are the husband-and-wife team behind Adventurous Real Estate Investors, a multifamily firm dedicated to helping avid travelers and adventure seekers create passive income and time freedom through apartment building investing. Suzy and Michael got interested in real estate during the lockdown, and in nine months, they have attended 10 virtual events, booked 600 networking calls, put together an experienced team and built a portfolio of 88 units—without leaving their home in the UK!

On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, Suzy and Michael join cohost Garrett Lynch and me to share their genius system for turning virtual events into networking opportunities and following up with the people they meet. They explain why they built a thought leadership platform right away and describe what kind of educational content they create. Listen in for insight on how Suzy and Michael turn roadblocks into opportunities, making the best of the situation they’re in to make their dream of financial freedom a reality!

Key Takeaways

How Suzy & Michael got interested in real estate

  • Read Multiple Streams of Income during lockdown
  • Took advantage of time off to network

How to turn virtual events into networking opportunities

  • Take screenshot and follow up on LinkedIn
  • Hop on calls and track potential partners

How Suzy & Michael found virtual real estate events

  • Ask contacts about upcoming or favorite events
  • Intentional search through social media

Suzy & Michael’s system for following up with contacts

  • Ask about goals, send personalized follow-up email
  • Guide to online thought leadership platform

What kind of educational content Suzy & Michael create

  • Blog on mindset, market trends and investing
  • Promote on social and send monthly email

When Suzy & Michael found the time for investing

  • Work until 6pm UK time and then start networking
  • 20+ calls/week = 600 calls in last 9 months

The team of 6 Suzy & Michael created from networking

  • Partner to serve as boots on the ground in US
  • Capital raiser, KP and experienced syndicator

How Suzy & Michael got past their fears of networking

  • Remember that everyone starts in same place
  • Ask to host meetings for W-2 job as practice

What it’s like for Suzy & Michael to work together

  • Stepped on each other’s toes at first
  • Things improved after clearly defining roles

Why Suzy & Michael focused on content right away

  • Didn’t have deal, must prove selves different way
  • Mimic successful investors they aspire to be

Suzy & Michael’s advice for aspiring multifamily investors

  • Clearly define goals, get 1% better every day
  • Devote time to ALL aspects of business

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