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If you can see it, you can be it. And as more female multifamily investors speak up about what they are doing, it gives other women permission to pursue real estate too. To that end, Elizabeth Faircloth is creating a community where women investors can get support the way they need it.

Elizabeth is the Cofounder of the DeRosa Group, a multifamily investing firm on a mission to transform lives through real estate. She and her husband Matt manage a portfolio of 1,000 units worth $60M up and down the east coast. Liz is also the Co-creator of The Real Estate InvestHER, a community that empowers women real estate investors to live a financially free and balanced life.

On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, Liz joins cohost Garrett Lynch and me to offer advice for couples on aligning their goals early on. She explains how to delineate roles in a real estate business partnership and why building community is so important. Listen in for Liz’s insight on increasing the number of women investors and learn how she features female role models through The Real Estate InvestHER platform.

Key Takeaways

How Liz got into real estate

  • Read Rich Dad… and introduced husband to idea
  • Invested in first duplex together 15 years ago

Liz’s advice for couples on aligning your goals

  • Have conversations about what you value
  • Attend personal growth weekends together

How to delineate roles in a business partnership

  • Consider individual skills and experience
  • Factor in passion and personality

Why it didn’t work the first time Liz left her W-2 for real estate

  • Market crashed and didn’t delineate roles correctly
  • Too many different strategies (lack of focus)

What inspired The Real Estate InvestHER community

  • Partnership with Andresa on deals, mastermind
  • Create safe space to support other women

How Liz scaled her community to 40 Meetup groups

  • Use Dan Hanford model, Meetup Pro account
  • Partner set up portal with agendas and scripts

Why building community is so important to Liz

  • Research on women (longevity, financial literacy)
  • Passion around empowering women to invest

Liz’s insight on the small number of women investors

  • Societal conditioning to fly under radar
  • Must highlight journeys, lift each other up

Liz’s role with the DeRosa Group

  • Assemble team, lead STR acquisitions
  • Oversee investor relations

Liz’s advice for aspiring multifamily investors

  • No overnight success, takes time and energy
  • Stay the course and don’t give up

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