Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing

I used to dismiss mindset as the key to success. But I’ve since come to understand that until you get your head straight, you won’t take action. So, what mindset shifts do you need to make to become a successful multifamily investor?

On this solo episode of Apartment Building Investing, I walk you through the 6 seismic shifts it takes to quit your job with real estate, challenging you to clear on WHY you want financial freedom and develop a strong belief in yourself and the system you’re following. 

I explain why you have to accept that you don’t know everything and take consistent action over time to see results. Listen in for insight on playing the long game and learn the benefits of partnering with others to scale a successful syndication business!

Key Takeaways 

Seismic Shift #1—Clarity 

  • Get clear on what you want, why you want it
  • Develop through morning routine

Seismic Shift #2—Belief

  • Believe in yourself, higher power and system
  • Build through affirmations and visualization

Seismic Shift #3—Surrender 

  • Give up portion of ego to be COACHABLE
  • Network with advisor or hire mentor

Seismic Shift #4—Consistency 

  • Tiny action every day yields results
  • Analyze deals + meet investors = first deal

Seismic Shift #5—Play the long game 

  • Don’t look for instant gratification
  • Seek permanent change and leave legacy

Seismic Shift #6—Be open to working with others 

  • Partner on single deal for limited downside
  • Scale faster, focus on what YOU like to do


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