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While single-family real estate is an individual sport, multifamily investing usually involves partners. But finding someone you trust to work with on a multi-million-dollar apartment deal can be challenging, especially for an introvert. So, how do you overcome limiting beliefs around partnering to become a successful multifamily investor?

Camilla Jeffs is the Founder and CEO of Steady Stream Investments, a firm focused on providing investment opportunities in large multifamily and senior housing communities. Also known as the Introverted Investor, she has served as the GP for four deals in nine months, built a portfolio of 250 units and quit her W-2 job! Camilla has 19 years of experience in real estate, and she is passionate about educating passive investors around the opportunity to achieve financial freedom through multifamily.

On this episode of the Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Camilla joins cohost Garrett Lynch and me to share why it took her 15 years to transition from DIY single-family investor to multifamily GP. She describes the limiting beliefs she carried around partnering with others and explains how she excels at raising capital—despite being an introvert. Listen in for Camilla’s insight on investing for a financial, social and environmental return and learn why networking is key in multifamily syndication. 

Key Takeaways 

Camilla’s experience of quitting her W-2 job

  • Excited to spend days doing what she loves
  • Loves flexibility and freedom in schedule

How Camilla got into real estate investing

  • House hacking out of necessity to start
  • Build portfolio of SFH + small multifamily

What inspired Camilla’s shift to large multifamily 

  • Tired after 15 years of DIY management
  • Spending 4 to 5 hours/day on 15 units

Why it took Camilla so long to try multifamily

  • Limiting beliefs about partnering
  • Didn’t network with other investors 

Why Camilla took on the role of capital raiser

  • Teacher at heart (despite introversion)
  • Help people achieve time freedom

The mindset shift that made Camilla successful

  • Little success with ‘I need your money’
  • Changed pitch to present opportunity

How Camilla thinks about choosing an operator

  • Find through mentoring groups, meetups
  • Different skills but same vision/values

Camilla’s concept of the Investing Trifecta

  1. Financial return
  2. Social return
  3. Environmental return

Connect with Camilla Jeffs 

The Introverted Investor

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