Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing

When you’re doing your first multifamily deal, scaling the business is the last thing on your mind. But if you don’t think about scale early on and come up with a plan, you’ll be fighting fires as you grow.

So, how do you create a vision for what your syndication business will look like in the future and then proactively put systems in place that allow you to scale up with ease? 

Veena Jetti is the Founding Partner of Vive Funds, a unique multifamily firm that specializes in curating conservative opportunities for real estate investors. Veena has built a portfolio of 3,000-plus units worth $600M, and she shares her expertise as a frequent speaker, panelist and guest on various media outlets.

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Veena joins cohost Garrett Lynch and me to explain how raising capital at a high level allows her to scale and describe how every decision is made with the investor in mind.

Veena shares her success with investor retention and referrals, discussing why she offers investors the option to put their money in a fund or invest in direct offerings.

Listen in for insight on how Veena uses her time as partner at a big-time investment firm and get her advice on creating workflows that make it easy to scale your multifamily syndication business!

Key Takeaways 

What inspired Veena’s interest in scaling a real estate business

  • Mom was successful investor, taught solid work ethic
  • Enjoys bigger safety net than immigrant parents

How Veena and her sister/business partner use their time

  • Strategy re: acquisitions, capital and legal structure
  • Continue to take investor-facing calls

Why Veena’s had success raising capital at a high level

  • All decisions made with investor in mind
  • High investor retention rate and referrals 

Why Veena offers investors a fund OR direct offering option

  • Fund satisfies demand for diversification, set + forget
  • Surprised to find that some investors want to do both

How Veena raises $30M in 42 days

  • Raise money when don’t have deal on table
  • $100K minimum for individual deals

Veena’s experience with institutional investors

  • Build relationships with family funds
  • Have Plan B in case drop out last minute

What Veena is doing to enhance the way she raises capital

  • Rebrand with investor in mind
  • Add technology to make process smoother

Veena’s biggest challenges right now

  • Letting go of taking investor calls
  • Implementing new tech at pace she wants

Veena’s advice to her younger self

  • Invest in systems and processes out of gate
  • Consider scale from first deal

How Veena thinks about deal flow

  • Wants to do more but very competitive right now
  • Prefers 1 or 2 great deals over 6 okay deals

How Veena’s definition of success has changed over time

  • Used to be based on net worth and income
  • Now focused on setting example for kids

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