Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing
Before you invest with a multifamily operator, it’s important to understand their track record. To know that they’ve got experience overcoming obstacles and making a deal work.

Prior to joining our team at Nighthawk Equity, podcast cohost Garrett Lynch owned and operated a class D real estate portfolio on the south side of Chicago. And learned how to solve problems on a life-or-death level in the process.

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Garrett is flying solo, discussing how he acquired 300 properties in six months and describing some of the challenges he faced managing assets in crime-ridden neighborhoods.

Garrett shares his experience owning and operating a 381-unit, class D apartment building in Memphis, walking us through the steps he took to end gang violence onsite and increase occupancy to 90%.

Listen in for Garrett’s insight around the pros and cons of investing in class D properties and find out what he learned about problem-solving in a high-stakes situation that he brings to the team at Nighthawk!

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