Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing

What does the future of real estate look like?

If you ask Ryan Pineda, the future of real estate is digital. And he sees the potential to build multiple billion-dollar businesses that solve many of the problems we face—on the blockchain.

Ryan began his real estate career in 2010, and since then, he’s flipped hundreds of single-family homes, purchased hundreds of rentals and founded six multimillion-dollar businesses in the space.

In 2020, he went all-in on social media and amassed 1.5M followers teaching people how to build wealth and achieve financial freedom. Ryan is also working on a new NFT project called Tykes, a community for the pioneers of digital real estate.

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Ryan joins Garrett Lynch to discuss his SOP for starting a new business and describe what makes his real estate companies so resilient.

Ryan shares the worst-case scenario thinking that helps him identify single points of failure and explains how removing yourself from day-to-day operations and cross-training your people mitigates risk.

Listen in for insight into the issues the blockchain can solve for real estate investors and learn how to be part of Ryan’s new NFT project and digital real estate mastermind!

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