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Sigma Nutrition Radio

Nov 24, 2015

Episode 96:Andrew Chappell, PhD, is on the show to discuss the influence of diet and modern living on the gut microbiota and the role of our gut bacteria in many health-related issues.

Nov 18, 2015

Episode 95: Dr. James Levine from the Mayo Clinic is on the show to discuss the effect of chronic sitting on the risk of blood sugar dysregulation, fat gain, obesity, neurological issues, productivity and general well-being.

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Nov 10, 2015

Episode 94: One of the UK's most successful coaches Phil Learney is on the show to discuss nutritional periodization, rigid vs. flexible dieting, who needs advanced nutritional strategies, what science can and can't tell us & why modification beats change.

Nov 3, 2015

Episode 93: John Berardi, PhD. of Precision Nutrition is on the show to discuss the trade-offs that occur with any dietary approach, the limits of using science, future areas of nutrition research and coaching and the concept of the "best" diet.