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Sigma Nutrition Radio

Oct 31, 2023


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About This Episode:

To mark the 500th episode of the podcast, Danny and Alan take a look at some of the current outstanding questions in nutrition science, what areas have largely been resolved, and how their own thinking has evolved and changed over time.

This brings them into areas such as personalized nutrition, ultra-processed foods, time-restricted eating, salt & health, and the difference between being “evidence-based” and “reference-based”.

We Discuss:

  • Outstanding questions in nutrition science
    • Personalized nutrition
    • Ultra-prosessed foods (UPFs)
    • Diet-Microbiome-Health
    • Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  • Largely resolved questions
    • Sodium & CVD risk
    • TRE/TRF
    • Macronutrient breakdown & weight loss
  • Evolution in our thinking
    • Epistemology at the forefront
    • “Reference-based” to evidence-based
    • Reading research: understanding “highest quality evidence”