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Sigma Nutrition Radio

Feb 27, 2024


About This Episode:

Kidney stones, crystalline deposits formed within the kidneys, present a formidable challenge to individuals grappling with their debilitating effects. These mineral accumulations, though small in size, can inflict significant pain and discomfort as they navigate through the urinary tract.

Understanding the nuances of dietary management and treatment for kidney stones is crucial for those seeking relief and prevention.

What makes this subject particularly intricate is the diversity of kidney stones – a mosaic of compositions ranging from calcium oxalate to uric acid. Recognizing that not all kidney stones are created equal, dietitians and renal specialists tailor their recommendations to address the specific nature of the stones, unveiling a spectrum of dietary strategies that aim to alleviate symptoms and impede the recurrence of these insidious formations.

In this episode, specialist renal dietitian Deepa Kariyawasam brings us through the main causes of kidney stones, the potential dietary interventions, and how to guide individuals toward personalized pathways for kidney stone management.