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Sigma Nutrition Radio

Feb 18, 2019


About This Episode:

Throughout recent years, Luke Leaman has become a prominent figure in the health and fitness industry. With a mantra of “Health Over Everything,” his teachings, research, and knowledge boldly reflect that.

Luke has spent the last 9 years educating coaches, trainers, and health professionals around the world on biochemistry and physiology, with a large focus on the application of this knowledge.

Earlier on in his career, Luke sought out the best in their fields to internship with, learn from, and work alongside. Luke has mentored under world-renowned Strength Coach Charles Poliquin, as well as Dr James Lavalle formally of the Lavalle Metabolic Institute, and author of Cracking the Metabolic Code.

Over the years, Luke has focused his learning and education on the stress response in relation to fat gain, metabolic disruption, and performance. Through his knowledge, he has been able to help hundreds of clients get back to peak health when all hope had previously been lost.

In September 2015 he began his mission with Muscle Nerds. His focus is to bring health back to the health and fitness industry, to help mould critically thinking, educated coaches, and to do so in a positive, encouraging, and enthusiastic manner.