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Friends Like Us

A Podcast featuring women of color with different views on hot topics. 

Jan 24, 2024

Suzette Simon and Ashima Franklin visit Friends and discuss advocating for your breast health, securing health aid, touring with Katt Williams and more with host Marina Franklin! 

Suzette Simon is the founder of NYLaughs, a New York-based nonprofit that produces free comedy events in public spaces to inspire audiences, enrich the lives of New Yorkers, and connect people through humor. It Also works to deepen an appreciation of the art of Stand Up Comedy, a unique NY cultural asset.    She is also the creator of an awareness campaign called #StrongBlackBoobs, which aims to increase breast health awareness and heighten self-esteem among breast cancer patients of color through humor-filled posts. 

Ashima Franklin Originally from Alabama, Ashima Franklin has a “girl next door” personality that mixes with her no holds barred delivery to form a hilarious comedy routine that’s inspired by her real-world situations as a working “Baby Momma”. Ashima rose to fame after appearances on Showtime’s “Kattpacalypse,” having toured the country with comedian Katt Williams on the Conspiracy Theory & Development Spurt tours, and also from Bounce TVs “From the String.” She was also a writer for Russell Simmons All Def Digital which offers over 2.2 million subscribers and counting.

Always hosted by Marina Franklin - One Hour Comedy Special: Single Black Female ( Amazon Prime, CW Network), TBS's The Last O.G, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Hysterical on FX, The Movie Trainwreck, Louie Season V, The Jim Gaffigan Show, Conan O'Brien, Stephen Colbert, HBO's Crashing, and The Breaks with Michelle Wolf.