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Hi, I'm Nick Patton, the creator and host of Picturebooking.

Picturebooking produces in-depth interviews with children’s book authors and illustrators for people who believe that art and literature can have a profoundly positive impact on a kid’s life.

Picturebooking is here to serve those who want to understand what it takes to create these stories. And I promise that engaging with Picturebooking will help you get inspired, feel connected and take action toward making a difference through picture books.



I’d like to tell you that, in 2014, I started Picturebooking to celebrate children’s books. But that would not be completely true.

I started this podcast out of fear and frustration.

Fear that being a new dad would suck all my creative time. I felt like if I didn’t have a real picture book project that the picture book making part of my life would disappear.

And I was frustrated because I had been pursuing the life of a professional author and illustrator for ten years, but in that time I only completed one story. Sure I was published, but I still felt like an outsider alone in a creative void.

Honestly, I created this podcast in the hopes of generating an audience to share and ultimately sell my stories too. I dreamed of the power this audience would have. It would surely open doors for my stories to get published.

It was all selfishly about me.

But then I started interviewing other authors, illustrators and book lovers. And these people are so amazing! They are generous and giving and real. Their creativity is contagious. These people and their stories deserve the spotlight. The world needs professional storytellers. And we need to cultivate a culture that fosters storytelling.

In 2014 I started Picturebooking by myself but soon joined All the Wonders (a children’s book media website) at the end of 2015.

Being part of the All the Wonders team was super fun and Picturebooking improved during its time with the site.

When All the Wonders closed in Feb. 2018 I wasn’t really sure if Picturebooking would continue. But this community of authors, illustrators, publishers and book lovers lifted me up. They let me know what the show meant to them. Picturebooking continues because of them.


This show exists today because of the people who support it.

How you can support the show:

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Thank you to all who have supported the show through reviewing, sharing and/or donating. Below is a list of amazing people who have supported the show this March and April. To be included here just email me a screenshot of your review, post or donation.

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Disclaimer: Supporting the show (including financially) doesn’t affect the content of the show. I do my best to bring you books and authors and illustrators that truly interest me, and that has nothing to do with who gives what.


Thank you for listening.

Thank you for supporting the show in any way you can. And thank you for being on this journey with me as we discover the joys and struggles of living a creative life.