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Episode #116: The Untapped Gold Mine Of Be A World-class Spiritual Entrepreneur That Virtually No One Knows About

For thousands of years there has been religion. There have been battles probably since the dawn of time around this concept. Peoples beliefs become so fixed that they are willing to kill and hurt other people in the name of a belief??

It is so strange to me, when especially when you begin to understand the POWER of the BRAIN and what a belief really is. IT IS NOT REAL..!! You might be reading this and are saying ANDY, you are wrong, beliefs are real, I feel them everyday and the effect my whole life.

I believe i cant get over the past, I believe i cant get the life that I want and become RICH, HAPPY and FREE. Well, I am here to tell you still that BELIEFS are not REAL.!

They are just something we hold true with the information we have at the time. Think about this. It is the same as anything in your life. You could be learning a sport and the way someone from the past has taught you how to play, ight be giving you the result you are getting right now. Then a WORLD CHAMPION comes along and tells you DONT DO THAT, do this, it is going to get you a MUCH BETTER result. SUDDENLY your old belief about how to play is SMASHED and a new belief appears...!

Do you see how fast the way you look at the world can change in an instant??

So lets go back to my earlier point about Spirituality. Is spirituality the same as Religion? Is spirituality about "GOD"? What has being spiritual got to do with being an ENTREPRENEUR?

To me everything, but there again I have a different BELIEF :)

This topic is something I have been researching in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Bali, California and I have spoken to so many people about this over the years..!

I wanted to share with you what I have learnt, what MY BELIEFS are and I know you are going to be not only SURPRISED, but YOU are going to be EXCITED, because this is probably going to CHANGE YOUR LIFE ...!

The cool thing is I recorded a podcast around this, and wanted to share it with you, so you can see things from another angle, and maybe take on a NEW BELIEF..! You know me by now which means, you also know that I am going to show you SOMETHING VERY DIFFERENT from every body else..!

I know you will love this LATEST episode, I would also love to hear your feedback as I might do a PART 2 to this one..!


Take a pen and paper, or a .doc and allow yourself a 5 mins to do this quick exercise.

1. When was the most powerful time that you can remember (even if it was Santa Claus) when you believed something so much and then you found out some NEW information and your world changed Instantly. (make this happy :) )

2. When that belief changed how did the world change with you?

3. Who or what around you change and how did it effect your life in an AMAZING WAY? (maybe it was around a relationship)

As you start to think about this, I want you get the AHA moment when you realised, holding on to any view of the world is crazy, as none of this life is real anyway...!

Time to decide what you want and go and get it in 2016...!!

LET's DO THIS..!!!


This is how we build PERFORMANCE at Mindset by Design. So we can be RICH, HAPPY and FREE and live anywhere in the world doing what we love..!



This is how we build PERFORMANCE at Mindset by Design. So we can be RICH, HAPPY and FREE and live anywhere in the world doing what we love..!

Lets do this!!

Luv yer...!




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