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Do you have a friend like this?

You love them. Known them all your life. Really clever and has huge amounts of potential. Yet does not seem to move forwards in their life, always moving in one slow direction to another. Always has no confidence in themselves, low self worth. Maybe even over weight as they comfort eat themselves into mediocracy.

YET, you know how brilliant they are, you see how incredible they can create their life could be. So really the only conclusion you can come to is they are REALLY REALLY, REALLY LAZY..!! :)

I know, I know that truly the underlining pattern is much much in depth with that. The old patterns from child hoods, the time they got rejected by the girl or boy they adored, and because they are such a nice person, they take it to heart and this beats themselves up even more.

All of these experiences PLUS taking it personally, over time become a big WEIGHT, and this weight feels so HEAVY that it starts to seem to everyone else that you are lazy. When really inside you are the opposite. You WANT LIFE, you want to RICH, you want to LOOK GOOD, you want your own business.

Does this sound a familiar story to someone you know??

The really cool thing is, you are not alone and that is why a few months ago I recorded a podcast episode about being lazy and the TOP 5 STEPS to BREAK FREE and step into YOUR WORLD-CLASS..

Oh, and I also tell a story about my oldest LAZY mate Dave.. (who i do really love ;) )

If you are a little stuck in your life right now, then I want you to do these 4 steps to help yourself.

1. Smile and sit up straight and take 20 BIG DEEP BELLY BREATHES
2. Remember a time in your life when you were the most motivated
3. Who were you around most of the time? What were you doing that you loved?
4. Ask yourself, what would happen if I took this feeling and pushed forwards for today?
5. What would the next 6 months be if you gave it everything you had??
Go back over that brain training as if YOU truly UNDERSTAND IT and really spend at least 10 mins doing it, you will create a whole NEW YOU really really fast..!!

Add episode #118 to the mix and you are flying..!

Happy building your Mindset By Design.

Lets make 2016 your most amazing year ever..!!


This is how we build PERFORMANCE at Mindset by Design. So we can be RICH, HAPPY and FREE and live anywhere in the world doing what we love..!

Lets do this!!

Luv yer...!




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