Eat the Rules with Summer Innanen
I’m chatting with Ashlee Bennett, The Body Image Therapist. We talk about why “obesity” is not the result of personal responsibility, navigating life outside dieting and the importance of self-compassion in healing. In this episode, we chat about:
- How Ashlee found fat acceptance and health at every size and the impact this had on her life,
- Why “the assumption that obesity result from personal responsibility” is not supported by data, 
- How to overcome feelings of failure when it comes to weight, 
- Why it can be really terrifying to navigate life outside of dieting, 
- The void that we feel once we are not dieting - “liminal space,”
- The importance of self-compassion in healing,
- Why some people really struggle with self-compassion and why this can be so difficult,
- The biggest misconception about self-compassion and why it doesn’t mean “giving up,”
- The importance of reclaiming the word fat,
Plus, so much more! 
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