Eat the Rules with Summer Innanen
I’m interviewing Nina Purewal, co-author of the bestselling book Let That Shhhh Go. We talk about how to work through negative thoughts, cultivating forgiveness in the worst of situations and how to find more peace and happiness in the present moment. We discuss:

- How some of the tragic events in Nina’s life inspired her to study mindfulness and write the book Let That Shhhh Go,
- Some of the best ways to manage negative thoughts,
- Why negative thoughts are addictive and so hard to break,
- A helpful analogy to understand why it can take so long to change negative thoughts,
- How to stop worrying about the future and fixating on the past in order to stay more present,
- How to get away from thinking that happiness only exists in the future,
- The importance of forgiveness and how Nina was able to forgive people in her life involved in tragedy,
- Why you need to let that shhhh out before you can let that shhh go,
Plus, so much more! 

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