Eat the Rules with Summer Innanen
I’m interviewing Chrissy King - writer, speaker, strength coach - about the intersection of racism and fitness culture, the importance of anti-racism work, how to heal your relationship with your fitness and more.
 Show notes:
We discuss:
- How Chrissy got into powerlifting and the impact this had on her relationship with her body,
- How Chrissy took dieting and fitness to the extreme and later recovered to come to a place of acceptance and peace with her body,
- The influence of racism on body image,
- The intersection of fitness culture and racism and how so much of fitness culture is still so white-washed,
- How white coaches, trainers and everyday people can do better to dismantle white supremacy and invest in anti-racism work,
- Chrissy’s #thebodyliberation project and why she believes liberation is the ultimate destination beyond self-acceptance,
- Specific practices to take to cultivate self-acceptance,

- Why self-love is not all rainbows and the important steps needed to cultivate self-acceptance,
- How to change your relationship with fitness if you’ve had a disordered or damaged relationship with it,
Plus, so much more! 
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