Eat the Rules with Summer Innanen
I’m interviewing Christy Harrison - anti-diet registered dietitian and author of Anti-Diet - about the history of diet culture and beauty standards, the truth about long-term weight loss, how to get started with Intuitive Eating and more.
 Show notes:
We discuss:
- The history of diet culture and how fat phobia preceded the health arguments that fuel diet culture today,
- The evolution of beauty standards and how they were correlated to political shifts happening in women’s liberation,
- Why conversations on diet culture must be political and why divorcing diet culture is a political act,
- Why Christy refers to diet culture as The Life Thief,
- The “Obesity” epidemic - how to came into existence, whether there is truth to it and the real impact on the health system,
- What the research really says about long-term weight loss,
- How to define health,

- The impact of weight stigma on health,
- The impact of weight cycling on health,
- The first steps you need to take to become a more intuitive eater,
- Why self-trust and focusing on enoughness must come before evaluating fullness,
Plus, so much more! 
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