Eat the Rules with Summer Innanen

I’m interviewing Louise Adams, clinical psychologist and founder of UNTRAPPED, about the hazardous influence of body image ideals in society and on social media. We also talk about the dangerous agenda behind the Obesity Collective, its worldwide reach, and what we can do to fight this agenda.
Show notes:
In this episode, we chat about:
- Louise’s history with dieting and what brought her to this work,

- Her reaction to fitness influencers on Instagram and the dangers of thin people co-opting body positivity,
- The expense associated with trying to attain the “ideal body,”
- What the Obesity Collective is and the dangerous agenda behind it,
- Why the shift from the “war on obesity” conversation to “combat weight stigma” isn’t necessarily the good thing it appears to be,
- Why you need to really examine who is behind the media you are consuming,
Plus so much more!
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