Eat the Rules with Summer Innanen
I’m joined by Amapoundcake - we are talking about some of the recent headlines in the news around anti-fatness including the photos of Emily Ratajkowski in the extra large jeans and Oprah’s announcement that she’s been using weight loss drugs. We segue into talking about what to do if you still want to lose weight or if you work with clients who still want to lose weight. Finally, we talk about the re-launch of our Body Image Coach Certification program, including our newest offering the Body Image Coaching Foundations course.
Show notes: 
In this episode, we talk about:
Why we think people are wanting to lose weight,
- Why we can’t criticize people for wanting to lose weight,
- The importance of owning your privileged and the power dynamic when working with clients,
- What it means to be “stuck on your privileged” and how it can get in the way,
- The importance of grace and empathy,
- Who our new offering is for and how it differs,

- Plus so much more!
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