Eat the Rules with Summer Innanen

I’m chatting with fat feminist mother, activist, writer and artist, Amy Pence-Brown, about ageism and body positivity, how misogyny permeates our beliefs and influences behavior that is harmful towards other women. We chat about: Amy’s progression towards feminist to body positive activist and the google search that led her to the fat acceptance movement. What prompted Amy to do her Stand For Self-Love social experiment that went viral. What she learned from the experiment and the experience of the video being seen around the world. The relationship between misogyny and competition and violence amongst women. How to recognize the misogynistic behaviors that women engage in that have become normalized in our culture. How ageism impacts our self-worth and what we can do to fight against harmful narratives on aging. Specific things we can do to embrace aging and age positivity. The added pressures of being a mom trying to raise intersectional feminist children and what most moms are not talking about. Plus so much more!

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