Eat the Rules with Summer Innanen
Beat Binge Eating - Interview With Lydia Wente

On the show today is Lydia Wente – Lifestyle Coach and binge eating expert, author and vlogger – on her recovery from binge eating, the fallacies around food addiction and her unique approach to helping women overcome it. In this episode, we chat about: • How Lydia’s career as a weight loss coach led to her having an eating disorder and how she “came out” and gave that up to recover from it • How she stopped feeling “possessed” by food and totally out-of-control • The most common causes of binge eating • Her beliefs about “food addiction” • Why therapy is not always helpful for women with food issues • Why understanding our thoughts is critical to overcoming binge eating • Lydia’s 3 steps towards helping you manage binge eating • The importance of body image work in her recovery and how she helps other women • How humor has helped her manage her thoughts • Plus so much more!

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