First Draft with Sarah Enni

Caroline Kepnes—author of YOU and its sequel HIDDEN BODIES, soon to be a Lifetime drama series starring Penn Badgley—talks about her most recent novel, PROVIDENCE, talks about her Cape Cod sensibility, writing while literally regaining her voice, and having her writing debut in Sassy magazine.


Caroiine Kepnes Show Notes

Go here to vote for PROVIDENCE to be the first-ever pick for the Tonight Show Book Club

And be sure to tune in to LIFETIME on September, 9, 2018 at 10/9 CT for the premiere of YOU!

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Richard Scarry

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Judy Blume

Sweet Valley High

Sassy magazine

Christina Kelly (editor of Sassy magazine)

“She Talks to Angels” by the Black Crowes (song)

YM Magazine

School Ties (movie)

Chris O’Donnell (actor)

Brown (university)

Parker Posey (actor)

Courtney Summers (listen to her First Draft interview here)

Conan O’Brien


Backstreet Boys

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New Kids on the Block

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KGB Bar & Lit Journal

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Cedar Cove (TV show)
Lucinda Rosenfeld (author)

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