First Draft with Sarah Enni

Roshani Chokshi, New York Times bestselling author of THE STAR-TOUCHED QUEEN, CROWN OF WISHES, and the ARU SHAH series talks about the first book in her latest young adult series, THE GILDED WOLVES, out January 15. She talks about connecting to her history through fairy tales, how being voted most likely to succeed caused a lot of angst, and the pressure of picking an AIM away message.


Roshani Chokshi Show Notes

Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley

Jhumpa Lahiri

AFI (band)

Thursday (band)

Deftones (band)

Harry Potter

Sailor Moon (cartoon)

Christiane Amanpour (TV broadcast journalism)

His Girl Friday

Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell (book)

The Young Elites by Marie Lu (listen to her First Draft interviews here and here)

Rick Riordan

His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman

Stormrunner by J. C. Cervantes

Stephanie Lurie, Editorial Director, Rick Riordan Presents (Disney-Hyperion)

Claire Legrand (listen to her First Draft interview here)

National Treasure (movie)

Lara Croft (video game character)

“Venus in Furs” a song by The Velvet Underground

Holly Black (listen to her First Draft interview here)

Radiance by Catherynne Valente

Deathless by Catherynne Valente

Tomb Raider (movie)

The Librarian (movie)

The Mummy (movie)

Dan Brown

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