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This "greatest hits" episode features two of our greatest Brain Trust segments, both recorded from Dentsply Sirona World 2018. Do you all remember a time when lots of people could get together in a convention center and look at exhibitors and see speakers? Yeah, me too.

Jason and Alan spent 3 days podcasting from the Spear Education booth at Dentsply Sirona World. Because the Dental Hacks are all about value, today's episode includes not one, but TWO amazing Brain Trusts recorded with a bunch of all stars in a double length podcast episode! We're here to 10x your podcasting experience!

The first Brain Trust features Dr. Rich Rosenblatt and Dr. Darin O'Bryan. They're best buddies and both of them are CEREC rock stars! Highlights include:

  • Rich's experience and tips on starting a study club
  • How to bring in an associate
  • Dental school horror stories from mid-90's University of Minnesota

The second Brain Trust features podcast newcomer Dr. Mike Skramstad (CERECdoctors rock star!), Dr. Craig Spodak (of the Bulletproof Dental Practice) and Dr. August de Oliveira (of Digital Enamel) in a hilarious round table including:

  • Will impression material ever be obsolete?
  • What's coming down the pipeline for CEREC ( involves hovercrafts)
  • Firewalking with Anthony Robbins
  • Craig's new book: "The Bulletproof Practice"

You're going to love this double length episode. And if you don't, we're happy to give you a full refund! That's how we 10x your podcasting!

Links from the show:

Our “Clinical Hack of the Week” features Dr. Ray Morse discussing how he modifies a bite stick for perfect crown seats! If you have a clinical hack that you want to share, record yourself and email it to and we’ll feature you on the show!

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Go Hack Yourself:

Jason: Podium for reviews

Alan: Salli sway chair

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